Alkaline Water

Alkaline water is an important health benefit for a number of reasons. For a start, the blood's natural state is alkaline. Blood, saliva and spinal fluid maintain a pH level of very close to 7.4. Alkaline hydrated blood cells loaded with oxygen are naturally resistant to degenerative disease, helping to boost the body's immunity. Dehydrated, acidic and anaerobic (oxygen deficient) cells, on the other hand, allow degenerative disease to thrive. Acid build-up can be acquired through various lifestyle choices - food, drink, stress, or certain medications. Carbonated fizzy drinks, popular among young and old alike, have extreme acidity levels of pH 2.8. Phosphoric acid is added to these beverages to extend shelf life. This acid also leaches aluminium, a toxic heavy metal, from cans used to store such drinks. Diet plays an important role in maintaining the alkaline/acid balance. Around eight teaspoons of refined white sugar can be found in a single can of soft drink. Sugar turns straight to acid in the body. Drinking alkaline ionized water is a bold step towards effective hydration. Controlling pH intake by drinking alkaline water helps restore blood’s normal alkaline level, which is fundamental to good health.